The SCUPSIS – Strategic Integrated Psychotherapy School Seraphicum is an institution of the Seraphicum Srl School Complex. It was founded in 2003 by the union between the Seraphicum School Complex in Rome and a group of teachers, including Gaetano de Leo, Emilia Gallizioli and Giovanna Celia, equipe who launched a model of Strategic Psychotherapy in its most modern form: the integrated one.

The school was recognized by the MIUR, Ministry of Education, University and Research Decree, pursuant DM n. 509 of 1998, with decree of the Directorate of 31/07/2003.

The school  organizes a four-year postgraduate specialization course in Integrated Strategic Psychotherapy. With the aim of being a high level training school, the SCUPSIS founded a clinical and international research pole, in collaboration with the nonprofit Association “Capire & Cambiare”, this research pole boasts scholars and professionals from all over the world (USA, Austria, Spain, Germany, etc).

Over the years, the School has also set up a Second Level  post – lauream Specialization Course in legal and forensic psychology – both for adults and young people,  authors/ victims of crime, including cyberspace crimes.
National and International Experiences

Since the establishment in 2003, the school has:

  • 2004:  the school set the second degree in Legal Psychology, led by Prof. G. De Leo.
  • 2005: the school launched the second edition of the Second Degree in Legal Psychology, led by Prof.G. De Leo;
  • 2005: the school set up the peripheral location of SCUPSIS in Viterbo at the Academy of Fine Arts in Viterbo, recognized by the MIUR.
  • 2006: the school organized the second level clinical evaluation of the Minor, led by Prof. M. Marchetti.
  • 2007: it was published the first issue of the magazine “Psicologia Clinica e Psicoterapia Oggi” edited by the school.
  • Since 2007: the school launched a research project on juvenile distress in collaboration with the Permanent Regional Observatory on bullying.
  • Since 2007: seveeral projects in regional schools have been organized and managed, with the aim of studying and to combat distress and school related distress.
  • Since 2008: the school has set up a clinical center at his own headquarters for research and intervention in collaboration with “Capire & Cambiare” a nonprofit association.
  • 2010: the school set up the EMDR course reserved for psychologists and doctors, conducted by Dr. R. Solomon;
  • 2010: the school promoted the Master in “Legal Psychology”, led by Prof. A. M. Giannini;
  • 2010: the school promoted the Master in “Stress management and trauma intervention”, directed by Prof. A. M. Giannini and Dr. R. Solomon in collaboration with the University of Buffalo.

Over the last four years the first two volumes on the strategic-integrated Scupsis model have been published, edited by Franco Angeli. The first  one is “Il Gruppo Strategico Integrato, Teoria, Metodi e Strumenti per una conduzione efficace” with the preface of Giorgio Nardone (the highest representative of the strategic model and founder of the European Network) and Ernest L. Rossi, the most important author in the world, M. Erickson’s former student, and  postface  by Maurizio Sibilio, professor of the University of Salerno.
The second book is “La psicoterapia strategico-integrata – L’evoluzione dell’intervento clinico breve“, issued in February and already in printed in the second edition, due to high number of copies sold. It is a manual that systematizes the model, published in the academic series of clinical psychology and psychotherapy directed by Giorgio Caviglia, with a scientific committee composed of the most important ordinary professors of clinical psychology in our Country. The volumes are subject to very strict and detailed controls before the publication and our manual has passed the evaluation in the very first instance. In this way our model has become part of the psychotherapy models accredited by the scientific and clinical community, which is a source of great satisfaction for all of us strategic-integrated therapists. Moreover, our school has attended the most important national and international clinical and scientific conferences during the last four years.

In 2013, our Scientific President Dr Giovanna Celia and Professor Cozzolino, a member of the school, were invited to report to “Evolution of Psychotherapy”, the most important psychotherapy conference, with 9.000 colleagues from around the world, as Aaron Beck, Salvador Minuchin, J Zeig, Robert Dilts, G. Edelman (Nobel Prize in Medicine). In the thirty-year history of Evolution, there have been just five invited italians and two of them were members of our school.
In December 2013, our Scientific President Dr Giovanna Celia and Professor Cozzolino, a member of the school, held a report at the European Society of Hypnosis (ESH) in Sorrento. In October 2014, the school was present at the “World-wide Strategic Conference” organized by Professor G. Nardone in Florence, the only roman strategic school with two speeches in four days.
In August 2015 we were present with two speeches at the World Hypnosis Conference in Paris. In December 2015 we held a speech at the 12th Heraclitus Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. During the conference, Dr. Celia and Prof. Cozzolino have been awarded a prize for the clinic, research and teaching of psychotherapy, a real honor.
Moreover, three contributions by Dr. Celia and Cozzolino were officially included in the collection of all M. Erickson’s works and of those clinicians who are contributing to the evolution of his work, an honor reserved for very few scholars in the world.
In the year 2016 a group of students Scupsis was awarded for the second best training project in the Lazio Region.

Promoted Events

15 and 16 June 2005 – Convention titled “Integrated Strategic Approach: New Dialogue between Therapeutic Models” directed by Prof.G De Leo
June 17, 2005 – Meeting with prof. Manuel Villegas
October 2, 2005 – Meeting with Prof. Ernest L. Rossi
April 18, 2007 – Roundtable: bullying and Youth protest coordinated by Prof. Marchetti
September 16, 2007 – Workshop: Hypnotic communication following the eriksonian model – Consuelo C. Casula
October 18, 2008 – Workshop: Psychotherapy and Psychopathology of Moral Development – Prof. Manuel Villegas
25, 26 27 September 2009 – Workshop: Psychotherapeutic interventions in case of stress and trauma – Prof. Roger Solomon in collaboration with the University of Buffalo
2012 Workshop: The 4-stage Creative Process as a New Short-Term Mind-Body Method
June 17, 2016 – Equal Hypnosis by Milton H. Erickson – Roxanne Erickson
June 19, 2016 – Workshop- “The Strategic Student.” How to quickly solve study problems with brief strategic psychotherapy –  Dr. Alessandro Bartoletti
September 23, 2016 – Webinar- Creating Awareness in Psychotherapy: Ernest Lawrence Rossi’s psychosocial genomic care and transformationS
September 25, 2016 – Workshop- “Prevention of suicide: getting closer and saving lives – Dr. Maurizio Pompili
October 22, 2016 – Workshop- “Perverse Narcissists and Impossible Unions: Strategic-Integrated Psychotherapy of emotional Dependencies” – Dr. Enrico Maria Secci
November 19, 2016 – Webinar – The Curiosity-Based Approach to Psychotherapy: From Brain Knowledge to Its Practical Applications –  Richard Hill
November 20, 2016 Workshop – “The use of the dream in integrated strategic psychotherapy” – Dr. Giovanna Celia
June 16, 2017 – Webinar- The Element of Time in Clinical Hypnosis – Roxanna Erickson.

Over the years, webinars have been held with renowned international clinicians such as Roxanne Erickson, daughter of Milton Erckson and co-founder of the Milton Erickson Foundation, with J Zeig.

Activities and services offered

The clinic centre

It is born, in collaboration with the Nonprofit Association, “Capire & Cambiare”, as a research activity of SCUPSIS – Integrated Strategic Psychotherapy School.
The staff consists of psychologists specializing in psychotherapy and psychotherapists with Integrated Strategic Orientation.
The goal of the center, as well as developing clinical research, is to make counseling and psychoterapy services more affordable, as they are usually reserved to a few privileged people.

Activities of the center:
• counseling meetings
• meetings of individual psychotherapy
• couple psychotherapy meetings
• group psychotherapy meetings
• clinical supervision for psychologists and psychotherapists
• prevention of school-based prevention services (school leakage, listening, education for schools, etc.).